To strengthen and grow the partnership between individuals, businesses, pastors and church congregations in British Columbia and missionaries throughout the world.


Coordinate scheduling and assist UPCI missionaries travelling in BC in raising funds to allow them to minister in the country of their calling

Provide resources for pastors desiring to grow their congregations participation in Global Missionaries in every avenue

Facilitate opportunities for young and old to participate, both at home and overseas, in the effort to preach the gospel to every nation


The BC District has a continuing history of supporting UPCI missionaries through finances and prayer.

Since the formation of Global Missions BC over $2,115,000 raised through the generous support of the congregations and individuals.


Ronald Ens is the current Global Missions director for British Columbia since 2002. He is a graduate of Conqueror’s Bible College, Portland, Oregon. From this school have come some of our greatest missionaries and global missions visionaries including Harry Scism and Edwin Judd. Conqueror’s alumni literally cover the globe as missionaries and Regional Field Supervisors. It was his exposure to this atmosphere of missions that embedded a burden for Global Missions in his heart. As a pastor since 1977, he has continually been greatly involved with Global missions through hosting and providing financial support to missionaries.

He and his wife Cindy pastor a church in Nanaimo, BC since 2001 . Their son Anthony and his wife Melissa pastor a multicultural church in Metro Vancouver, BC and their daughter Rachelle and husband Jody Schlottman pastor a church in Sarasota, Florida. Both have a love for missions and missionaries.


Churches and individuals can support in various ways, here are a few:


Want to partner with UPCI missionaries or with the BC Global Missions department?

Contact the BC GM director Ronald Ens


In 2012 BC GM sent individuals for 2 weeks to Kampala, Uganda to support the missionaries with services, teaching, and training.  There trips are a great opportunity for you to make an impact around the world.

To learn how your church members can be involved the next trip to the Philippines in 2016.

Contact the BC Global Missions director

There are also other opportunities for involvement and valuable resources at Global Missions website.